They’re a team that barely snuck into the playoffs last season after earning the No. 5 seed in 2016.

This trade currently fails, but if the Celtics renounce their free agents and don’t sign anyone into their cap space (so, Hayward), then they would have the cap space to take Love straight up. They could even throw a smaller asset or two (say, a late first rounder) towards New York and/or Cleveland to sweeten the deal.

However, there’s two clear reasons why Boston wouldn’t do this. First, they’re dealing directly with a competitor. Why allow Cleveland to make a move that the Cavaliers believe will make them better? Second, for all of the cap space and other assets that general manager Danny Ainge has acquired, it would be wild to cash them in on Kevin Love when the team wouldn’t do it on Paul George or Jimmy Butler.

What about Portland? They’re a team that barely snuck into the playoffs last season after earning the No. 5 seed in 2016. They’ve been rumored to be interested in acquire a star player, and Love is still incredibly good. Here’s one idea.

There’s no chance he’d score 18 a night as a Cav, or sniff an All-Star nod. But he’d be on screens across the world in May and June, and he just might get to hoist a trophy in front of the Q.

Perhaps more importantly, LeBron has the standing to help Rose reset his goals. No one in the league is more successful on and off the court than LeBron. He speaks with authority. Plus, when he’s on the court, Rose isn’t going to be able to take over the offense. LeBron doesn’t let that happen. (Ask Kyrie Irving or Dion Waiters.)

Is Rose ready to sacrifice his personal numbers and his narrow potential Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys for a return to stardom — potential he likely believes to be greater than what we believe it Cheap Liverpool Jerseys to be — to find a new brand of success? We’ll see.

The Lakers and Bulls are both reportedly knocking on Rose’s door. Neither will pay much either, making this largely a decision about role.

It’s tough to comprehend when you see the alumni roster that took center stage over the weekend.

Yes, at some point in their careers, even if it was for seven games only (Brodeur), all those names wore the Blues note on their jersey.

Seeing the alumni was a nice nostalgic consolation prize, yes, but it also speaks to what could have been for Blues fans.

This is a franchise that some might describe as snake-bitten in the postseason. After reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in the team’s first three years in existence, the franchise has yet to return, still in search of the oldest trophy in organized North American sports.

It’s also quite amazing when you consider the following head coaches have been on the Blues bench as head coach at some point in the last 50 years:

“It hasn’t been easy for them to come here (in the past), and this certainly doesn’t make it easier, or even possible at this point,” he told the New York Daily News on Monday. “It’s hard to kind of comment on. I don’t want to get in too deep, but it seems like it’s very straightforward and they have very straight lines of what the deal is, but I find still they’re confused about it, still a lot of confusion about what’s wrong and what’s not.

“I guess when a change like this comes very, not from nowhere, but when it comes down like it did, I feel like there was maybe not a whole lot of thought about how to work it out. It seems very straightforward but very confusing about how they deal with it.”

Zibanejad, 23, was born in Huddinge, Sweden, and played professionally Wholesale Jerseys From China in the country until 2012. He then spent time in the AHL in Binghamton, N.Y., before joining Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys the Senators full time in the 2013-14 season. The Rangers traded for Zibanejad this past summer.