Incentives count on the salary cap if the player met them based on last year’s stats.

Kaepernick, given his history, should be looking for a contract at the high end of this group. Nick Foles, who signed for over $5 million with the Eagles, is the high water mark, but Philadelphia has done some odd contracts for backups, and most teams will probably toss that one out. Schaub would be next at $4 million, and there’s no reason Kaepernick should not exceed that total and reach a contract of about $4.5 million per year.

The one issue with traditional contracts in this range: Their incentives are tied to playing time and basic stats more so than honors, which could pose a problem for Kaepernick.

Incentives count on the salary cap if the player met them based on last year’s stats. Because Kaepernick started 11 games and threw for 16 touchdowns in 2016, many of those incentives will count on the cap. For teams tight on the salary cap like the Ravens, Lions and Rams, that can be a deal-breaker and make Kaepernick unaffordable, even on a bargain contract.

The Bucs should be happy to have seen Mike Glennon leave, because by the nature of his Bears contract, he was more of a disappointed former starter than willing backup. It looked for a while like the team would be OK with Ryan Griffin as the No. 2, but it was smart to add well-traveled Cheap DUKe Jerseys Ryan Fitzpatrick to be the top short-term reserve.

After Fitzpatrick looked and couldn’t find a starting gig away from the Jets, he landed in a strong role behind Winston. He will still have a noticeable influence on the offensive side of the locker room, and he’ll provide one of the league’s best insurance plans in a scheme suited to his strengths.

As for Winston, he’s proved to be a very durable young gun through his first 32 games. Between Koetter and Fitzpatrick, he’s got the ideal direct support to keep pushing forward as a Cheap European Soccer Jerseys passer.