Florida shortstop achieves full flight on spectacular diving catch in foul territory

Florida shortstop Dalton Guthrie has already involved himself in the zaniness that is Game 1 of the College World Series finals in Omaha, getting gunned down on a close throwout at second base in the top of the first.

But it’s fair to say that he redeemed himself in the bottom of the third inning, when he sprinted to chase down a foul ball into the shallow third base foul territory and promptly took to the air to make the catch.

What industry and gumption to take off toward the dugout, maintain connection with the ball, then leap without regard for life and limb to haul in this ball. Never mind the face full of dirt and undoubtedly uncomfortable impact upon returning to Earth.

Florida grabbed a 3-0 lead in the top of the fourth. Never stop trying.

He was OK with the White Sox, just fine, but after coming back to the Tigers this season, it’s clear that he fermented and chugged Joe Mauer’s MVP season.

Still, this season is an outlier. I’ll need more than a hot three months.

Salvador Perez is the steady veteran, the known quantity. He’s having his best season in years, if not ever, and he’s just seven home runs from setting a career high. His defense is stellar, and Cheap NFL Jerseys Usa he was voted “Most Likely To Mistake a Dove for a Baseball and Randy Johnson the Hell Out of It” by Jerseys From China his teammates. His free-swinging bat and Emanski-approved glove make for an eminently watchable player.

Dallas Cowboys have themselves a masterpiece in ‘The Star’

No offense to Jerry Jones, but maybe he’s spoiled.

Because when Sporting News asked the Cowboys owner whether he considers the extravagant palace that is The Star to be the masterpiece of his Hall of Fame career in football, Jones’ mind dismissively turned to high school football. He’s proud to have manufactured a direct link between pro and amateur sports.

As one league official said, “I think that is a great idea in theory, but you’d have to have those guys be willing to take less money than the max. Maybe they will. But they’re all big union guys, and it would be tricky for them to be seen giving owners a break like that.”

Pop lovefest — In January, James had this to say about coach Gregg Popovich: “I think he’s the greatest coach of all time.” And Pop had this to say about James: “He is truly the king.” Does Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys that mean James is bound to play for Popovich’s Spurs? Of course not.

But San Antonio will have the ability to sign James next summer, and the Spurs have always been a stealthy team when it comes to free-agent moves. A tandem of James and Kawhi Leonard would give the Spurs a good base for challenging the Warriors.

Go with the darkhorse — The Heat tied up their payroll this offseason, and can be pretty much eliminated from the possibility of luring James back to South Beach. But the Bulls, who made a pitch to James in 2010, are expected to at least inquire about James’ interest, even if there’s little chance he goes to Chicago. The same can be said for the Mavericks, who also made a push for James in 2010. It’s a Website For Cheap Jerseys Trade Cheap Jerseys longshot, but Dallas has consistently gotten involved with major free agents in Super Cheap Jerseys recent years, even if the team has struggled to finish those deals.

NFL free agency: Jets continue teardown, cut Brandon Marshall

Keeping up with their recent purge of high-priced veterans, the Jets on Friday officially cut ties with wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall, New York’s leading receiver two years running, joins cornerback Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold, who were informed by the team earlier this week they would be released when the new league year opens March 9. Combined, the trio will save the Jets more than $28 million in cap space for the 2017 season.

Cleveland got the Browns back in 1999 in the form of an expansion team, and their lone playoff appearance since came in 2002, when Hunt was just 7 years old. The only other winning season was in 2007, when Cheap Raider Jerseys the Browns went 10-6 but missed out on the playoffs.

But Hunt, who is projected as a third-round pick, said he’d be ecstatic to be Cheap Quality Jerseys able to play for his hometown Browns, despite the franchise’s continual losing.

“It’d mean a lot,” Hunt said. “I would be home and just be able to play and enjoy my time at home and just have a lot of supporters and family out there, and it’d be a huge experience.”

The Browns, who ranked 19th in rushing last season while going 1-15, could use a player like Hunt, who has seen his stock rise since a standout showing at the Senior Bowl. The Browns haven’t had a 1,000-yard rusher since Peyton Hillis ran for 1,177 yards in 2010.

Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2017 announcement date, time, TV and streaming info

This unnecessary decoration is just that — a decoration. A decoration that ruins an otherwise fine piece of headwear. A decoration that continues the silly trend of destroying the sanctity of on-field hats with patches for various events: spring training, the All-Star Game, the postseason, the World Series. That’s not even counting the logo for New Era, MLB’s cap manufacturer, which will adorn on-field hats during the regular season for the first time in 2017.

I suppose the idea is to sell more hats by advertising them as event-specific headwear, hoping to persuade fans that by forking over $35 they’re getting something special, a real novelty. Except, of course, that these patches only serve to make the hats ugly. As was the case with Friday’s announcement, the unveiling of the hats is often met with fire emojis on social media.

I suppose this means some people think hats still look sharp, even with the patches. These people are wrong. Even the most otherwise attractive hat is rendered unpurchaseable (is that a word?) with the addition of a patch.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 Hall of Fame announcement and induction ceremony.

We won’t know for certain until the announcement, but favorites include Astros great Jeff Bagwell, who narrowly missed induction in 2016, Former Expos All-Star Tim Raines, who’s in his last year on the writers’ ballot, former Padres closer Trevor Hoffman, who’s in his second year of Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys eligibility, and former Rangers catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, who’s making his debut on the writers’ ballot.

The Warriors kicked the Blazers out of Portland

Chance The Rapper doesn’t have to reschedule his show at Oracle Arena after all. Much was made of the fact that his show was scheduled the same night as a potential Warriors vs. Blazers Game 5. While there was an innocent explanation, we all kind of knew the Warriors would have no problem wrapping up the series.

The logistics staff at Oracle can count their blessings: Kevin Durant came back in Game 4 in Portland. How great Golden State looked all night. Now the Blazers can go hang out with summer friends while the Warriors continue toward the finish line. In the West’s second round, right now the Warriors are all we got.

The Warriors dropped 45 in the first quarter on Monday and never looked back. Durant looked incredible. By the end of the night, the Blazers were not just on summer vacation, but I think the Warriors actually took physically ownership of the Moda Center and the city of Portland. I think the Warriors legitimately evicted the Blazers for the summer.

I predicted Golden State would go 16-0 on their way to winning the title. Friends, that is absolutely still in play. Now I’d like to hear what you think the Devils should do with Ilya Kovalchuk; does he even come back to the NHL in the first place this season? Do you want to see him in New Jersey possibly opposite of Taylor Hall? Do you think the more sensible route is to trade him for picks and/or Nike NFL Jerseys 2014 prospects? Will New Cheap Jerseys he attempt to come back this season only to be blocked by not coming to terms with Jersey’s Team? Leave any and all comments/thoughts below and thank you as always for reading!

You may notice that SBNation.com underwent a massive refresh overnight. Ev

Leave it to the Mets to win a series against the division- and NL-leading Nationals but make it feel like they lost. New York took the first two games of the three-game set from Washington, but then dropped the finale on Sunday, 23-5. Not only were they blown out, but they lost ace Noah Syndergaard to injury in the second inning. That moment, with proper precautions, might have been Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys avoided.

You may notice that SBNation.com underwent a massive refresh overnight. Everything is quite handsome, don’t you think?

Check out Paul Flannery’s Sunday Shootaround on the real star of the first round of the playoffs: the podium. Paul also delves into what got Boston through the first round and how the battle with Washington shapes up. Speaking of which …

It’s not the most important basketball skill at any level. Being able to hit three-pointers, to make clean passes on the drive, to rebound in traffic, to defend without fouling, to hit free throws consistently — those are all skills more important than dunking the ball.

But those skills aren’t as impressive as a dunk.

The poster dunk brings the basic dunk to another level. It introduces drama. It introduces, in a way, combat. It brings a team level down to an individual level, much as is the case with a crossover in isolation on the perimeter. (The famed Allen Iverson crossover and stepover on Tyronn Lue was the guard’s version of a poster dunk.)

There have been cogent concerns about tying up masculinity and China Cheap Jerseys dominance culture in appreciation of the poster dunk in the past. But you can strip those problematic elements out by reframing the poster dunk as essentially stage combat.

NFL draft grades 2017: Jonathan Allen heads up NFC East’s top draft class

The 2017 NFL Draft featured 32 teams trying to do what the Cowboys did in 2016 — find the combination of players who can take you from worst to first. Dallas went from division bottom feeder to top seed in the NFC thanks to the arrivals of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, two rookies who each worked their way into last year’s MVP discussion.

The Eagles didn’t do so shabby, either. Carson Wentz looked like a franchise quarterback in flashes last fall and is looking to build on that up-and-down campaign. Philadelphia didn’t add much to help its offense, but a handful of major defensive acquisitions should help the team compete for the East title.

But no franchise helped itself more than Washington, which may have picked up the draft’s biggest steal by getting Jonathan Allen at No. 17. Here’s a look at how each of the NFC East’s four teams made out with their selections in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Rockets’ biggest flaw is that their variability and vaunted Website For Cheap Jerseys three-point shooting could turn against them at a moment’s notice. Over a seven-game series, Houston is very confident their boundaries-pushing basketball experiment will work for them. But nothing is certain.

No series has a storyline as easy as this one, even if we won’t find out who the MVP is until after the postseason. (That will happen at an awards show this year.) The Rockets have unlimited Rugby Cheap Jerseys shooting, the Thunder have Westbrook, and they should combine for thrilling basketball, even if the series doesn’t go long.

It took the Cubs 108 years to get the World Series trophy, and 7 months to break it

The World Series trophy is stylish, beautiful, and quite spindly. Theo Epstein should have remembered this from winning one with the Boston Red Sox, but alas he did not learn the lesson. The Commissioner’s Trophy needed repair after reports that several of the flags snapped off the top of it.

How does this happen, you might ask. Well, by bringing it on stage with Eddie Vedder and having the crowd pass it around.

Here’s what happened, according to the Chicago Tribune:

Epstein is shown on stage playing guitar while Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder sings and the trophies are being passed around the room.

“A handful of (the 30) flags came off the trophy during the event Saturday night,” Cubs vice president of communications and community affairs Julian Green told the Tribune. “(It) was repaired and was on display Sunday (at Fenway along with the Red Sox trophy).”

Launch angles. Daniel Murphy has a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, and he keeps the launch angles in there. Someone needs to get that briefcase.

While I will put Wieters and Werth down in the “It’s still April, have some Best Place To Buy Cheap Jerseys perspective” AFL Cheap Jerseys category, the idea that Wieters will contribute above-average offense from the catcher’s position is unfair. The Nationals didn’t need that if they were going to get contributions from Zimmerman, if Harper was playing like an MVP again, if Murphy was the same hitter he was last year, if Turner was a burgeoning star.