Chris Godwin: We have faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffin

Thursday’s news of a three-game suspension for quarterback Jameis Winston leaves the Buccaneers in position to start a backup quarterback in the opening weeks of the 2018 season.

The presumed No. 2 is Ryan Fitzpatrick, who re-signed with the Bucs this offseason after starting three games while Winston was injured in 2017, with Ryan Griffin in the No. 3 spot on the depth chart. Wide receiver Chris Godwin called both players really smart guys on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Thursday and said that the team has faith in either one of them to get the job done while Winston is out.

After spending the offseason working with them, center Justin Britt is feeling bullish about what those changes will mean for the team. Britt said the two coaches have brought a different perspective in a real good way.

Part of that perspective has been kind of re-introducing us to our old attitude when it comes to building a strong running game after struggling on that front over the last two seasons. Britt also noted that the team has younger players than they have in past years and thinks that shift has had a positive impact.

I think this is the youngest we’ve been since I’ve been here, so you see a lot of speed, a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of want-to and not a lot of have-to, Britt said, via the team’s website. The attitude is right, I’m excited heading into camp after having the OTA and minicamp that we’ve had. If we stay on course like the way we are, I don’t see why we can’t be Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code one of the top Cheap Jerseys Bike offenses in the league. We have the tools, we have the coaching and we have the attitude, so we just have to have a good six weeks leading up to camp, and hit it full stride.

Offensive linemen can take time to develop in the NFL, but the Carolina Panthers have little to no room for error on the left side of their line.

Since being drafted 19th overall, the 2016 first-round pick has played in only 21 of 32 possible games.

Six sacks over two years is not what the Buffalo Bills expected when they picked Lawson in the middle of the first round. The Bills, who now have a different coaching staff and front office than the one which brought him in, signed Trent Murphy this offseason as a backup plan to Lawson.

Kevin White, the seventh overall pick in the 2015 draft, has recorded 21 receptions for 193 yards across his three NFL seasons to date. A multitude of injuries have kept him off the field, which caused the Chicago Bears to decline his fifth-year option on his contract.

If White does rebound, though, Chicago could have one of the deepest skill units in the league.

I can’t practice without my glasses. Without my glasses, I wouldn’t be able to drive. I can see people and shapes, but if I don’t have my glasses on and I’m on a football field, it’s dangerous. If I’m in my bedroom and I don’t have my glasses on, I can walk to the bathroom, but that’s about it.

I have 120 pairs.

My teammates, they created a fart tax for me. If they catch me farting, it’s Cheap Jerseys Epl going to be $500. If somebody tells on me, they get $100. At the end of the year, I owed $15,000. If you eat a lot of complex carbs, you’re going to fart a lot.

I plan on getting tattoos on the bottom of my feet. That’s like way down the Cheap Jerseys In Bulk road, but for me to accomplish everything in the tattoo world, that’s what I want to do. I want to be able to totally cover up. I probably won’t do my face, I promised my mom I would never do that. And obviously I can’t do it now; I’ve got an image and all this stuff right now, but that’s eventually what I want to be able to do.

A’s Matt Chapman, one of game’s best defenders, has one of worst half innings vs. Astros

While many may not know him, Athletics third baseman Matt Chapman is one of the best defenders in the game.

He has range, arm strength and makes plays reminiscent of Nolan Arenado of the Rockies or even Brooks Robinson of the Orioles in the 1960s.

On Thursday it would have been hard to convince anyone he belonged in the big leagues. He had a sixth inning he would like to soon forget.

With no outs in the top of the sixth, Brian McCann hit an easy pop up to Chapman, who was playing around the shortstop position due to a shift.

However, Chapman would not make the catch. In fact, he didn’t even get his glove on the ball. Whether he was uncomfortable with catching the ball in a different position than he was used to, or he simply lost the ball in the sun (it would appear to be the latter), Chapman simply missed it.

Then, two batters later after an infield hit by Tony Kemp, starting pitcher Frankie Montas got a ground ball to third from Alex Bregman which should have resulted in an easy play, but Chapman airmailed the throw to first after tagging third allowing Kemp to score all the way from first.

Webb liked that scenario.

I agree with that, he said. It just got me closer. I didn’t know Cheap Jerseys Kids everybody’s name on the team yet. I was only there for a month. So that was kinda cool, to get to know everyone and everyone kinda got fired up when I got that hit.

A solid majority of American voters — with the exception of Republicans — believe that NFL players can take a knee during the National Anthem and still be patriots, a new poll said Thursday.

American voters by 58 percent to 35 percent said the players were not unpatriotic, the Quinnipiac University survey found.

But Republican voters, by a wide margin of 70 percent to 23 percent, said Cheap Jerseys NBA China that players who kneel to protest police violence and social injustice are not patriots.

White voters with no college degree were divided, with 46 percent saying yes and the same percentage saying no. All others listed by political party, gender, education, age and race said they were not unpatriotic.

Steve Sarkisian feels more comfortable in second year with Falcons

Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian didn’t have to dig too deep to find the area where his unit needs to improve during the 2018 season.

Sarkisian said on Wednesday that the Falcons didn’t score enough points last year as they went from scoring 33.8 points per game in 2016 to 22.1 points per game in the coordinator’s first season with the team. They added wide receiver Calvin Ridley in the first round of the draft to address that shortcoming, but help may also come from Sarkisian settling further into the job.

Sarkisian said his comfort level this year is night and day to where he was at this point last year and suggested that will help the offensive pieces go together in better ways this year.

That’s because the President realized it was a winning play for him, which means he’ll continue to run it against an NFL defense which hasn’t been able to stop him yet.

If Guenther wants Mack in the fold, Guenther perhaps would be better off talking directly to coach Jon Gruden, who by all appearances is running the show in Oakland, about making Mack an offer he won’t refuse. Calling out a player whom Guenther has proclaimed to be the centerpiece of the team’s defense probably isn’t the best way to make that player happy.

Or, as the case may be, it probably isn’t the best way to make him less upset.

While Mack has been keeping his cards close to the vest, he’s surely not thrilled with the team’s ongoing failure to put together the kind of package that would represent fair compensation for his services, based on what he has done during his first four NFL seasons and what he can be expected to do moving forward.

Mack is due to make $13.846 million in 2018, the option year that extends his rookie deal from four seasons to five. The Raiders could keep him around through 2020 via the franchise tag, with a Kirk Cousins-style day of reckoning coming in 2021.

We’re 100 days away from start of 2018 NFL season

You: Leisurely dipping into the joy of a new summer, grilling juicy steaks, spending days at the beach, brushing off all human responsibility to live a little.

Us: Still thinking about football. Always.

2. As for the quarterbacks, Matt Ryan (95-63) sits just five wins away from hitting the 100-victory line, which would vault him into a stellar group of passers led by Tom Brady (196), Drew Brees (142), Ben Roethlisberger (135), Eli Manning (111) and Philip Rivers (106).

To Ryan’s credit, every signal-caller on this list was drafted at least four years before him.

3. Plenty of those quarterbacks appear again in our next pulse-pounding factoid outlining signal-callers who posted the most starts with a 100-plus passer rating in 2017. This isn’t the feat it once was — and there’s 100 reasons to throw stones at QB ratings — but here’s the list anyway, dear reader:

Youth sports give children and young adults a unique opportunity, Ivanka Trump, daughter and assistant to the president, said on a conference call with reporters in advance of the event. Every child in America deserves equal access to play.

The New Jersey students are being brought to the White House by Angelo Valente, executive director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, which has worked with the school.

The partnership is one of 13 outside groups participating along with President Trump and Ivanka Trump, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and Rivera, Walker and other athletes who are to be named to the president’s council.

Encouraging young people to be involved in sports and fitness programs is certainly a very positive step, Valente said. That’s a very important aspect of encouraging young people to not experiment with illicit drugs.

What a ride it’s been already this season for Andujar and Torres.

Torres’.321 average leads Yankees regulars and Andujar is next at.297.

We’re a good defensive group, but we weren’t tonight, Marchessault said. They’re a team that’s very fast in the neutral zone, and we gave them too much respect with the puck. We need to be faster in the defensive zone. We’re going to fix that in our game.

The Game 1 winner has won the last six Cups and 61 of 78 overall.

Braden Holtby stopped 28 shots for the Capitals, whose first Stanley Cup Final game in 20 years was a defensive nightmare. Washington still played a strong offensive game and had chances to win, but never slowed the Knights.

The Capitals, led by Alexander Ovechkin, lost the series opener, 6-4, on Monday.

After 10 goals and a Final-record four lead changes overall in a fantastically entertaining opener, it’s tough to imagine what these unlikely opponents will do for an encore.

But the upstart Golden Knights have spent their entire inaugural season speeding past all expectations, and their first Final game didn’t slow them down in the slightest.

Everyone, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, deserves to be treated equally. We are fighting for racial and social equality, he wrote in part.

Simply Google: ‘How many Philadelphia Eagles knelt during the national anthem last season?’ and you find that the answer is zero. A similar Google search will show you how many great things the players on this team are doing and continue to do on daily basis.

Instead the decision was made to lie and paint the picture that these players are anti-America, anti-flag and anti-military.