The Warriors kicked the Blazers out of Portland

Chance The Rapper doesn’t have to reschedule his show at Oracle Arena after all. Much was made of the fact that his show was scheduled the same night as a potential Warriors vs. Blazers Game 5. While there was an innocent explanation, we all kind of knew the Warriors would have no problem wrapping up the series.

The logistics staff at Oracle can count their blessings: Kevin Durant came back in Game 4 in Portland. How great Golden State looked all night. Now the Blazers can go hang out with summer friends while the Warriors continue toward the finish line. In the West’s second round, right now the Warriors are all we got.

The Warriors dropped 45 in the first quarter on Monday and never looked back. Durant looked incredible. By the end of the night, the Blazers were not just on summer vacation, but I think the Warriors actually took physically ownership of the Moda Center and the city of Portland. I think the Warriors legitimately evicted the Blazers for the summer.

I predicted Golden State would go 16-0 on their way to winning the title. Friends, that is absolutely still in play. Now I’d like to hear what you think the Devils should do with Ilya Kovalchuk; does he even come back to the NHL in the first place this season? Do you want to see him in New Jersey possibly opposite of Taylor Hall? Do you think the more sensible route is to trade him for picks and/or Nike NFL Jerseys 2014 prospects? Will New Cheap Jerseys he attempt to come back this season only to be blocked by not coming to terms with Jersey’s Team? Leave any and all comments/thoughts below and thank you as always for reading!

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