NFL trade deadline: Jimmy Garoppolo trade the biggest risk of Bill Belichick’s career

The Patriots stunned the NFL by trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers, placing complete faith in Tom Brady’s extraordinary ability to stave off Father Time.

New England received a second-round pick from the 49ers for Garoppolo, who had been seen as the heir apparent to Brady after being selected by the Patriots in round two of the 2014 draft and significantly impressing in the two starts he made last season when their future Hall of Fame starter was suspended.

Indiana second-year forward Domantas Sabonis, coming off a personal-best 22 points and 12 rebounds on Sunday, had a double-double in the first half with 10 points and 12 Cheap Kids Jerseys NBA rebounds. He finished with a career-high 16 rebounds in addition to 12 points and five assists.

Sabonis was actually sick the previous day.

“I laid in bed and tried to recover and get ready for today,” he said. “I’m just coming out there and proving to people that I can play.”

Pacers coach Nate McMillan was particularly pleased with his team meeting the per game goal of 25 assists.

“We want that ball moving,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is create other opportunities to where we get open looks as opposed to contested shots. If we’re dishing out Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys 25 assists or more, everybody is touching the ball and it’s very difficult to defend that type of movement.”

Jon Gruden: ‘Iˇm preparing myself to come back’ to coaching

Jon Gruden has turned down offers to return to the coaching ranks, but that doens’t mean the Super Bowl-winning coach-turned NFL analyst is going to take the easy road and retire in the broadcast booth.

The Seahawks were stuck on 10 wins the past two seasons because they were a mediocre-to-bad team in the first month and a half. They got healthy and revved up just in time to make the playoffs each time, but by then, it cost them a shot at home-field advantage, sealing their fates in the divisional round.

Beyond a Week 1 trip to Green Bay, the opening stretch is a lot more favorable this season. Russell Wilson no longer has the nicks that plagued him for most of 2016, and both the running game and defense got deeper. These Seahawks are more in line with their NFC-champion identity from 2013 and ’14 than the sliding underachievers of 2015 and ’16.

The Seahawks not only stay on their perch, but a more favorable schedule including the AFC South and NFC East can provide the springboard back to a No. 1 seed. The Cardinals will be a tad better, but the Rams and 49ers will need to tread water near the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Seattle is most responsible for keeping things status quo as it beats on its division foes a little more.

Some of what Porter does might sound simple, but there’s few players in the NBA who can shoot and cut as efficiently as he does. Plus, there’s a lot more to his game we haven’t discussed. For example, Porter is built perfectly to play power forward in small ball lineups thanks to his Cheap Kids Jerseys NBA offensive versatility and he’s a disruptive defender who can switch onto the quickest of guards when needed and draw Cheap Jerseys Online China the assignment of chasing around the opposing team’s best wing scorer.