You may notice that underwent a massive refresh overnight. Ev

Leave it to the Mets to win a series against the division- and NL-leading Nationals but make it feel like they lost. New York took the first two games of the three-game set from Washington, but then dropped the finale on Sunday, 23-5. Not only were they blown out, but they lost ace Noah Syndergaard to injury in the second inning. That moment, with proper precautions, might have been Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys avoided.

You may notice that underwent a massive refresh overnight. Everything is quite handsome, don’t you think?

Check out Paul Flannery’s Sunday Shootaround on the real star of the first round of the playoffs: the podium. Paul also delves into what got Boston through the first round and how the battle with Washington shapes up. Speaking of which …

It’s not the most important basketball skill at any level. Being able to hit three-pointers, to make clean passes on the drive, to rebound in traffic, to defend without fouling, to hit free throws consistently — those are all skills more important than dunking the ball.

But those skills aren’t as impressive as a dunk.

The poster dunk brings the basic dunk to another level. It introduces drama. It introduces, in a way, combat. It brings a team level down to an individual level, much as is the case with a crossover in isolation on the perimeter. (The famed Allen Iverson crossover and stepover on Tyronn Lue was the guard’s version of a poster dunk.)

There have been cogent concerns about tying up masculinity and China Cheap Jerseys dominance culture in appreciation of the poster dunk in the past. But you can strip those problematic elements out by reframing the poster dunk as essentially stage combat.

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